Fort Lean “Sunsick”

The “perfect day” frontman Keenan Mitchell claims to be having on this latest single from Brooklyn rockers Fort Lean sure is a depressing one: when he’s not getting “mugged by children”, he’s struggling to both stand up straight and keep the vomit down while chugging back a “liter”, and, oh, all that heat emanating from the bright sun above is just being an irritating son of a bitch (“Oh, I’m sunsick/ Gotta go inside”).

Despite the woeful day-in-the-life scenario being detailed, the five players in Fort Lean (previously praised here for the amazing surf-pop ballad “Dreams (Never Come True)” from last year’s self-titled EP) have such an engrossing way in packaging the “Debbie Downer” aesthetic that “Sunsick” feels less mood-killer than it does an exultant blast of indie rock goodness.

With the energetic force of Sam Ubi’s pummeling drums laying an infectiously raucous foundation for his bandmates’ tightly wound bass chugs and Western-themed guitar additions–both of which vividly evoke the sung-about sun’s sweltering, soul-defeating suffocation, and Mitchell’s emotion-bulged yelps gorgeously paired with some rousing “whoo-hoos”, Fort Lean effectively turn “Sunsick””s sucky twenty-hour cycle into anthemic pop-rock gold.

Download the track for free below; the single becomes available on 7″ February 28th via Neon Gold Records and Black Bell Records.

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