Francis “Traktor”

“Traktor”, the indie-pop delight first single from Swedish four-piece Francis’ newly released This Must Be Blood EP, lands as stars-aligning-just-right sonic perfection, one of those rare band entries in which each member’s contribution carries its own individual ear-slaving hookery, resulting in an endlessly rewarding whole.

Whether one chooses to hone in on Jerker Henriksson’s soaring bird-like guitar riffs, the pittery tickle of Petter Nygårdh’s drums, Tim Grundtman’s chugging basslines, or singer Petra Mases’ captivating lead vocal, it doesn’t even matter, because there’s more than enough singular pleasures swimming within the entirety of “Traktor” to keep one in love with the song for hours, days, months and beyond.

Don’t believe us? Give the record/ video a listen/ peep and try your damnedest to not be moved to continuously hit the replay button.

Francis – Traktor (Official Video) from johan stolpe on Vimeo.

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