Sam Sparro “The Shallow End”

Three years after stopping many in their tracks with the immediately grabbing futuristic electro-soul-pop of debut single “Black and Gold”, Aussie sensation Sam Sparro has finally gotten around to a sophomore album follow-up, with news of the set, entitled Return To Paradise, being inspired by the funk/ soul sounds of the late ’70’s-early ’80’s registering in our brains as a million times YASS!!!

On first single “The Shallow End”, dude proves he ain’t lying about the theme, cooking up a “Groove Is in the Heart” type of disco party for the Now that damn near demands the body to begin moving from jump.

Five minutes-plus of serious hustle music, Sparro and co-producers Jesse Rogg (who co-wrote and produced “Black & Gold”) and Greg Kurstin (the Grammy-nominated producer/ Birds and the Bees member behind cuts from Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson, Foster the People, Little Boots, Sia and so many more) construct a wildly infectious boogie wonderland for the shallow, crazy people to do what they wanna do, Sam’s soulfully slick spice of a vocal leading the festivities for a fun ride that tosses together cowbell (which, yes, we always “need more” of), a sax solo and “whoo-hoo”‘s that’ll still be dancing in your head long after the song has finished.

Return To Paradise is due this Spring.

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