The Hood Internet “When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston x Chromeo)”

Sigh. Like millions of others across the globe, much of our past week has been spent wading through YouTube for any and all clips of Whitney Houston material, the tragic sting of The Voice’s still-shocking passing over the weekend lodged firmly in soul while taking the ride down memory lane through her catalog, reveling in the awe-striking magnificence of every note that came from her lungs and finding new joy in Whit records that we had either forgotten about, initially dismissed as cheesy, or had simply grown weary of over time from them being so over-played.

For us, “How Will I Know”, from Houston’s 1985 self-titled debut, never once ranked in any of those latter categories, and it was our unwavering appreciation for the record’s recipe of stuck-in-the-80’s bubblegum-soul fizz, classic girl group flavor and Whitney’s youthfully giddy vocal performance that helped make it the song we most went back to time and time again in our countless hours spent combing through the singer’s many uploaded music video and live performance uploads, repeated exposure to its bright dose of decades-old R&B-pop a necessary distraction from the depressing reality of why we were there glued to our computer screens in the first place.

Yesterday, mash-up wizards The Hood Internet unleashed their latest project, pairing “Know” with the rubbery (and fittingly 80’s-soaked) White boy funk of Chromeo’s “When The Night Falls”. We love the hell out of it. That is all.

Thank you, H.I.

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