Ameriie “Every Time”

Last we heard of R&B songstress Amerie, she had added an extra vowel to her on-stage moniker (she now goes by Ameriie), adopted a platinum blonde do, and was enticingly hinting of going all next level black pop on the masses with an ambitious electronic/ dance-informed collection entitled Cymantika, Vol. 1.

No word on whether or not that project has simply been postponed or scrapped entirely, but the singer–who pulled off some of the best singles in post-millennial soul–seems to have opted to go for a more of a classic “Amerie” sound with the first taste of a different forthcoming EP release under the name The Prelude.

“Every Time” is both reminiscent of Ameriie’s breakout hit “Why Don’t We Fall In Love”–via the pleasant tones of producer Focus’ breezy piano twinkle and crisp drum snap framing the stacked harmonics of her ever-lovely soprano coos–and “1 Thing”–someone is once again feeling all out of sorts over a boy crush’s indescribable appeal–and while the song doesn’t quite pack the insanely addictive punch of that horn funk-speckled latter cut, the track’s understated melodic charm and sweetly giddy, “butterflies-in-stomach” romance script is just what the doctor ordered to soundtrack the millions of brand new love stories (and subsequent cuddling sessions) set to blossom this spring and summer.

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