Izabo “I Like It”

“Funky Israeli four-piece” Izabo make it a little difficult not to…well, like them on “I Like It”, a preview from their forthcoming UK debut Life Is On My Side that near-instantly delights in its merging of the goofy and groovy.

Led by the piercingly high-pitched falsetto of vocalist Ran Shem-Tov trying to win a babe over with a series of dorky, wanna-be mack lines that feel more likely to result in him snagging a restraining order rather than the girl’s heart (“Your mustard is my gold/ Your poison is my wine”, “Pull out your garbage can/ And be my garbage friend” = Say what, say huh?), “I Like It” buzzes with squelchy, Middle Eastern-flavored spy guitar riffs and a thick, bassline churn for a campy slab of disco funk-alt rock indie that, to our ears, sounds like a left-field pop smash in the making.

Check out the song–the single drops May 7th–and its eye-trick of a video below; Life Is On My Side is set for a May 21st release on 100% Records.

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