Izabo “I Like It”

“Funky Israeli four-piece” Izabo make it a little difficult not to…well, like them on “I Like It”, a preview from their forthcoming UK debut Life Is On My Side that near-instantly delights in its merging of the goofy and groovy. Led by the piercingly high-pitched falsetto of vocalist Ran Shem-Tov trying to win a babe […]

Swizz Beatz featuring A$AP Rocky “Street Knock”

AraabMUZIK may be the name with the producer credit behind “Street Knock”, the first taste of Swizz Beatz‘ next mixtape Limitless, but it’s difficult denying how much the track’s sound breathes classic, turn-of-the-century Swizz banger, its repetitive one-finger piano plinks and menacing doomsday atmospherics hearkening back to the days when the Ruff Ryders were the […]

Nas “The Don”

More than any other hip hop act out there, the arrival of a brand new Nas record–especially one tied to an upcoming solo effort–not only feels like an important moment in hip hop, it also just seems to inject a shot of revitalizing energy into the genre. To put it simply: class is in session […]

Lemonade “Neptune”

For the first forty-five seconds of Brooklyn-based/ San Francisco-birthed three-piece Lemonade‘s “Neptune”–in which a rickety drum beat knocks around a cavernous, Quiet Storm synth-R&B throb–you don’t really know what to expect once the vocals kick in, with anything from a woeful Sade Adu wisp to another half-sung/ half-rapped page from Drake’s emo-rap diary to a […]

Frank Ocean “White”

Frank Ocean continues to pump out those divine future R&B standards with “White”, his lone solo entry on Odd Future’s upcoming OF Tape Vol. 2 compilation effort (and, considering his groupmates, likely the album’s only source of soulful serenity). Clocking in at just over two minutes, the song feels like a tease, but what a […]

Wiz Khalifa featuring Juicy J “T.A.P.”

Wiz Khalifa may have broke out as one of last year’s biggest hip-pop superstars, mostly thanks to the at-one-point deathless “Black & Yellow”, but even with all the commercial success and household-name status achievement that came with the release of his major label debut Rolling Papers, not even the rapper himself could disagree with the […]