Izabo “I Like It”

“Funky Israeli four-piece” Izabo make it a little difficult not to…well, like them on “I Like It”, a preview from their forthcoming UK debut Life Is On My Side that near-instantly delights in its merging of the goofy and groovy. Led by the piercingly high-pitched falsetto of vocalist Ran Shem-Tov trying to win a babe […]

Lemonade “Neptune”

For the first forty-five seconds of Brooklyn-based/ San Francisco-birthed three-piece Lemonade‘s “Neptune”–in which a rickety drum beat knocks around a cavernous, Quiet Storm synth-R&B throb–you don’t really know what to expect once the vocals kick in, with anything from a woeful Sade Adu wisp to another half-sung/ half-rapped page from Drake’s emo-rap diary to a […]