Swizz Beatz featuring A$AP Rocky “Street Knock”

AraabMUZIK may be the name with the producer credit behind “Street Knock”, the first taste of Swizz Beatz‘ next mixtape Limitless, but it’s difficult denying how much the track’s sound breathes classic, turn-of-the-century Swizz banger, its repetitive one-finger piano plinks and menacing doomsday atmospherics hearkening back to the days when the Ruff Ryders were the hip hop team to beat.

Sadly there’s no fresh DMX growls here, but, this being a Swizz-is-rapping cut and all, it does feature a lot of the longtime hitmaker’s cocky, rich tough-man speak, the macho aspect of his MC persona remaining just as unconvincing as it was when he first decided to bless the mic with something longer than a hook-man chant years ago.

Thankfully, a guest assist from underground hip hop superstar A$AP Rocky is woven into “Knock”‘s fabric to give the song some sturdier lyrical heft, the buzzing Harlemite easily stealing the show with a nimble middle verse that makes gobbledygook lines like “Chicken noodle soup and mixin’ soda with the cereal/ White like milk, got beige like a Cheerio” sound like the swaggiest combination of words ever.

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