Yuna “Live Your Life”

We’re probably the last people on the Internet to sling some praise the way of this soothing gem of a record by Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, but now that we’re firmly planted on the bandwagon…oooh, this is so good.

Surprisingly produced by none other than Mr. Pharrell Williams, “Live Your Life” finds the Neptunes hitmaker cooking up a blissfully sublime low-key ’70’s soul groove for those much-needed chill-out moments, his layers of shimmery keyboard and gently rumbling drums working in perfect compliment to Yuna’s calming vocals and inspirational pen.

“Find your light/ Don’t hide from what you are/ And rise before you fall/ And hope for something more,” she sings. Though honestly, Yuna’s dreamy coos could be could be doing no more than reading a recipe for lasagna here and the track would still be breathtakingly gorgeous.

Yuna’s self-titled debut drops April 24th.


Below, peep Yuna work her magic on amazing covers of Kanye West’s “Paranoid” and Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”:

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