Dirty Projectors “Gun Has No Trigger”

Two years after sending much of the music crit world in a (understandable) hyperbolic tizzy over the mesmerizing varied-flavored art-indie pop sonics of Bitte Orca (not to mention that album’s break-out blogosphere monster “Stillness Is The Move”), the David Longstreth-led experimental Brooklyn outfit Dirty Projectors have returned, teasing the release of a brand new full-length (Swing Lo Magellan) with recent leakage “Gun Has No Trigger”.

Ominously framed by a rickety, old school rap drum loop, the haunting female harmonies of members Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle, and some chunky, vintage pop bass work that prickles the skin-hairs with its muted threat of Halloween horrors somewhere off in the distance, “Trigger” aims to both creep and delight the pants off the listener as Longstreth’s creepy wail paints a nightmarish lyrical portrait of the conflicted souls and murderous machinations that linger behind closed doors.

The composition may be far more linear than the shape-shifting arrangements we’re used to from the Projectors, but the overall build and strategically layered elements involved here are no less fascinating, easily making this another Record of The Year-worthy entry from an act with a catalog sprinkled with many, and a fantastic introduction to a new era sure to garner them tons more critical praise.

Look for Swing Lo Magallan to drop July 9th in Europe and July 10th in the U.S. on Domino.

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