Marina and the Diamonds “Primadonna”

The “conceptual” reasoning behind Marina and the Diamonds‘ decision to go all BRIGHT AND DANCEY CHART POP for its alter-ego-themed sophomore project Electra Heart may still seem to be a little too long-winded of a way to basically say “I want to try and live out my blatantly commercial pop star dreams for a while”, however, after a many-months-long pre-release promotion cycle (the album was first teased way back in August!!), it’s hard to deny how much of a future mainstream airwaves-dominating sure shot the collection has in its grasp with “official” first single “Primadonna”.

A gold-plated, big budget confection helmed by hit-making titan Dr. Luke, the Katy Perry-meets-Coldplay “Primadonna” has all of the makings of becoming one’s newest guilty pleasure, blending together stomping dubstep womp fist-pump, a handful of sing-along choruses of both the mini- and main- sort, and Marina’s colorful, “quirky” phrasings in the most earworm-y way.

It’s in closer inspection on the lyrics where things get a little wonky though, not only because their overt mocking of the attention-craving, faux-airhead titular character (“Would you do anything for me?/ Buy a big diamond ring for me?/ Would you get down on your knees for me?/ Pop the pretty question right now baby”; “Got you wrapped around my finger babe/ You can count on me to misbehave”) kinda sucks all the fun out of an otherwise feel-good fizzy pop number with their poetic reminder of Electra Heart‘s “ironic”-tagged core, but also because the character just seems so unlikable and, unfortunately, Marina fails to inject enough tongue-in-cheek smirk within her role-playing here to fix that particular issue.

Still, will that not-all-that-minor flaw keep us from giving this song many a replay over, at the least, the next few months? Not at all, as our resistance to this much sugary pop contagiousness is sadly just too futile.

Pre-order Electra Heart, due April 30th in the UK here.

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