Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack (Viceroy ‘Jet Life’ Remix)”

Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” may seem a bit cheesy now, but for those who experienced the 90’s, its more than likely that a large chunk of life was spent thinking of the ubiquitous 1996 Euro-R&B smash as a serious capital-j jam, accompanied by many moments of yourself and friends singing along to Morrison’s weird-toned asides, ad-libs and “You lied to me!!!”‘s at the top of your lungs (go on, admit it).

Enter summer-lovin’ San Francisco producer Viceroy helping to flood the brain with memories of working your best “butterfly” to the tune and more with this flip–the third installment of his on-going ‘Jet Life’ remix series–in which he attaches a sunny, tropical-hued atmosphere to Morrison’s triumphant post-breakup comeback.

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