The Weeknd “The Morning (Count Ninjula Remix)”

Dubstep re-works have become such a staple of our modern-day culture that one can’t help but be left with a feeling of something being missing when hearing a remix that doesn’t build up to some huge womp-womp breakdown.

This spin on The Weeknd‘s House of Balloons fave “The Morning” by Count Ninjula–who scored major blog noise late last year with a flip of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”–features not one, but two, of these familiar mutateous passages that sound like two hulking Transformers awkwardly fornicating, but its far from the only thrilling trick the Hollywood-based tune-tweaker has up his sleeve here, injecting within the snail-paced ‘Make It Rain’ slow jam a grab-bag of spaced-out sonics and chop-n-screw wizardry that, in finding a stripper who could successfully navigate through its beat-tastic grind, would have us ready to toss plenty of singles in the air.

Hear more from Count Ninjula at his SoundCloud page.

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