THEESatisfaction “QueenS”

If things were up to us, the next year or so in R&B/ soul would be completely shifted to fall in complimentary line with the kooky goodness being served on “QueenS”, the lead-off cut from Seattle-based hip hop duo’s THEESatisfaction‘s Album of the Year-worthy debut awE naturalE.

More clever, funky, creative, cool, soulful and groovalicious than about 98% of anything the genre has produced in recent memory and excitingly sounding like the past and future of Black pop folding unto itself, “QueenS” is the soul-lovers’ definition of the kind of song that gives you LIFE, the three-minute number packed with all kinds of wondrous musical and lyrical thrills to fuel the euphoric peaks of future house parties and outer space discotheques.

Don’t believe us? Give a single sample to the song’s electro-funk psychedelia (a sublime cloud of quirky cricket/ “ooh ahh”-staccato punctuation, deep bass and otherworldly keyboard flourishes) made even more kaleidoscopic by the swirling layers of rapper Stasia “Stas” Iron’s slick spoken word interjections and singer Catherine “Cat” Harris-White’s blissfully harmonic contributions dishing out the flyest quotables this side of the 70’s blaxploitation scene–“Whatever you do, don’t funk with my groove”, “From your limbs to your Timbs, get down”, “Sweat through your cardigans”–and you’ll soon enough be jumping on the “I (Heart) THEESatisfaction” bandwagon as well.

Check out tons more from the duo via their Bandcamp; awE naturalE is available now.

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