Azealia Banks “1991”

If there’s any sound we wish could be as much of an inescapable thing as Euro-club and dubstep have been within the mainstream Top 40 world in recent years, it would be hip-house, more specifically, the late ’80’s/ early ’90’s throwback type Azealia Banks has been serving. A sibling record of sorts to “212”, “1991”, […]

FAYE “Water Against The Rocks”

And Sweden’s superior way with churning out the most excellent pop continues on. Former ’00’s girl group member gone solo FAYE basically guarantees that she’ll spend the next few months or so being deemed the “next/ new Robyn” in many corners of the World Wide Web–while becoming the personal soundtrack for tear-stained, heart-bruised females everywhere–with […]

Justin Bieber featuring 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth “Boyfriend (Remix)”

With it’s hyphy-esque backdrop and whispery “swag”‘s, it was pretty much set in stone that an official remix event would come of Justin Bieber’s calculated maturing move “Boyfriend”, the only real question being who would be on it. Our imaginations (hopes?) had the Biebz snatching up his Teen Idol Fairy Godfather Justin Timberlake from music-making […]

Gossip “Get Lost”

When all is said and done, Gossip‘s fifth effort A Joyful Noise probably won’t be ranking among the band’s finest projects. As their glossiest pop-minded offering yet, the album’s ABBA-influenced, Xenomania-slicked sound just feels a mainstream bid too far, depressingly positioning the band with great distance from the refreshingly rebellious bluesy dance-punk aesthetic that put […]