Dent May “Best Friend”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Dent May may have ditched the “magnificent” instrument that underlined his fantastic 2009 debut The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, but in the singles released since, he’s more than proved that he has more creative tricks in his bag beyond some fab pluckity-plucking.

For his latest single “Best Friend”, May previews forthcoming full-length Do Things by bathing his killer nerdy-pop instincts in the swirly decadence of a ’80’s disco ballad wonderland. Slightly solo Pharrell-esque in it’s twinkly groove construction and amalgamation of various yesteryear-influences, “Best Friend” could easily be looked at as a bit cornball (those heavy sigh punctuations!) if it wasn’t for the touchingly sincere center Dent injects in the production’s sugary retro-euphoria, setting his tender multi-tracked croon to swoon-worthy as he magnifies something as simple and innocent as sharing an eternal romp with a BFF-lover in the fields into the most epic “Best Escapade Ever” desire.

Do Things drops June 12th.

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