Lemonade “Ice Water”

As if wasn’t already wild enough that one of the upcoming summer’s surest replay delights would fall on an album delivered by an act named Lemonade, it’s even cooler that Diver, the second full-length effort from the Brooklyn by-way-of San Francisco synth-pop trio who stirred up much on-line noise earlier this year with the boy-bands-of-decades-old-tinged ballad “Neptune”, would house a set highlight (and definite future heatwave soundtracker) with a tune entitled “Ice Water”.

Powered by day-glo bright keyboard stabs that conjure up the summertime feel-good of sun rays toasting the skin and flirty beach party hi-jinks with friends, “Ice Water” can best be described as a sonic-form thirst-quencher for the 80’s electro-pop lover. Pair that upbeat chiming with a strong pop hook in which frontman Callan Clendenin is captured praising the calming presence of his girl (“Put your cool hands on my face/ I can’t just cool my head on anything”) in his most earnest teen idol croon, and what results is a song that’ll likely be getting one through plenty a memorable triple-degree weather-backed moment over the next three months.

Stream the track as well as the rest of Diver–due May 29th on True Panther–below:

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