Meg Myers featuring Doctor Rosen Rosen “Tennessee”

While we weren’t necessarily expecting a video for “Tennessee”, an awesomely WTF entry on buzzed-about newcomer Meg Myers’ excellent Daughter In The Choir EP in which she sounds like she’s about to explode out of her skin from the increasingly exasperating hipster signifiers (mustache finger tattoos, vegan BBQ trucks, mononymous monikers) violating her personal space (“God I miss Tennessee,” she sighs), in our deepest fantasies, an accompanying visual for the raging, banjo-enhanced rocker would of consisted of some sort of blood-and-guts-riddled anime-styled clip featuring Myers-as-manga warrior princess slicing-and-dicing through the bodies of her Vespa-riding adversaries until they’re nothing but hulking piles of unidentifiable meat slabs on the pavement.

Seeing Meg and producer Doctor Rosen Rosen spray down the enemy with endless rounds of Nerf firepower though, as the actual “Tennessee” video depicts, definitely works for us as a just-as-entertaining alternative.

Peep the hilarious video below; pick up Daughter In The Choir for free here or here.

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