Rammstein “Du Hast (Count Ninjula Remix)”

Count Ninjula is at it again, this time directing his electro-fueled remixing powers to German industrial metal band Rammstein’s pummeling, muscular “Du hast”, the 1997 single that garnered the act heavy love on the State-side MTV airwaves and inspired many an American teenager to fiercely bang head while chanting (or more precisely, spitting) the ear-wormy non-English hook “Dudu hastdu hast MICH” to the worriment of their parents.

Ninjula’s tweaking contributions mostly fall a bit on the subtle side here, with him mainly emphasizing the original’s furious thump with a little chop-and-slice work here and there, but we dare you to tell us that the breakdown/ build-up section he drops from 3:25-3:54, followed by the triumphant return of those fiery, straight from the bowels of Hell riffs, isn’t pure club floor-meets-devil horns gold.

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