Schoolboy Q featuring A$AP Rocky “Hands On The Wheel (Aaron LaCrate Remix)”

It’s common knowledge that every song ever sounds a bajillion times better when blazed with a Bmore Club edit (right? Right?), so to have Schoolboy Q‘s already awesomer-than-awesome A$AP Rocky-featuring and Lissie-covering-Kid Cudi-sampling Habits & Contradictions highlight “Hands On The Wheel” updated with the genre’s freakishly fast tempo hustle is bound to be the business.

Baltimore’s Aaron LaCrate is the man behind this remix and the results are as splendid as one would expect. Underlining Schoolboy and Rocky’s hedonistic back-and-forth mic-tossing with seemingly a hundred different addictive-in-their-own-way beat switches here, LaCrate basically guarantees a few pounds and gallons of sweat lost in every re-spin as one tries their bestest to keep their Spongebob footwork game in lock with the ever-evolving rhythm.

Stream the cut below, download it over at Rolling Stone.

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