Selah Sue featuring J. Cole “Raggamuffin (Remix)”

For the past few years, Belgium-born singer/ songwriter/ musician Selah Sue has been slaying both critics and fans worldwide with her distinctive soulful rasp and fetching blend of pop, soul, reggae and funk, and after seeing her 2011 self-titled debut blow up strong throughout parts of Europe, the talented 23-year-old (who once opened for Prince!!!) is now setting her sights on breaking through in the States.

“Raggamuffin”, the infectious, attention-grabbing reggae-pop flavored cut that originally appeared on Selah’s 2008 self-released EP Black Part Love and was initially released as an official single back in 2010, is being used to kick off Sue’s American launch, but now with a little tweak: a remix, produced by Supa Dups (Tyga’s “Still Got It”, Nina Sky’s “Turnin’ Me On”, Estelle’s “Come Over”) and featuring J. Cole.

The guest rapper go-to isn’t necessary–Selah is unique enough to stand on her own thank you very much–but Cole does commit two really strong verses here, and if that’s what it takes to get “Raggamuffin” the mainstream airplay it deserves and help make her a household name on these shores, we’ll gladly take it.

Selah’s U.S. debut drops August 21st.

Here’s the video to the original:

One thought on “Selah Sue featuring J. Cole “Raggamuffin (Remix)”

  1. This remix is too hot, and featured on Selah’s new album, too. Absolutely love how I go from jamming to Raggamuffin, to breaking my heart with “Mommy.” Selah really showcased a lot of herself on the album. The US better be ready for her to take over!

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