The Weeknd “Get In There (Unreleased)”

Memo to all future acts going for the “tightly guarded”, “mysterious” angle on their introductory product: Try and make sure all old demo recordings and any other pre-current persona material is locked up tight in some impenetrable vault somewhere then shot up into the deeper reaches of outer space so that you don’t have to deal with the stuff being unearthed later.

All of which has been said to bring us to this: “Get In There”, a new-old Weeknd cut–reported to be his first ever recording–has recently hit the Interwebz, and…well, let’s just say hearing Abel Tesfaye in his beginning stages makes for a bit of a jarring listen on first peep.

While “Get In There” bears some traces of the girl-focused songwriting and moodishly nocturnal sonics we’ve come to adore from Weeknd, it also leans very heavily on being “first draft”, the work of an artist still trying to hone their niche (apparently, back in the day Weeknd was Jeremih).

A fascinating find though, if only for giving listeners a glimpse into Abel’s pre-House of Balloons head space and showcasing how much he’s grown since.

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