A$AP Rocky feat. Lana Del Rey x The Kickdrums “Ridin'”

How’s this for a coinky-dink: Just as the much-talked-about video for Lana Del Rey‘s “National Anthem”–featuring Lana as Jackie O and A$AP Rocky as JFK!!!–made its premiere, the surprisingly hot “odd couple”‘s other highly anticipated collaboration, the Kickdrums-assisted “Ridin’”, has also made its way to the Web. Originally meant for Kickdrums’ Follow The Leader mixtape […]

Dom Kennedy featuring Rick Ross & Aaliyah “Gold Alpinas”

With its steady supply of relaxed, conversational flowage painting a jealousy-baiting big baller lifestyle and chilled-out soundscapes built from old waterlogged R&B cassette tape samples and ’90’s G-funk inspiration, West Coast indie rap fave Dom Kennedy‘s latest mixtape release Yellow Album makes a strong bid in becoming one of Summer 2012’s top hip hop go-to’s; […]

The Royal Concept “Goldrushed”

While we’re pretty sure The Royal Concept will soon grow tired of the Phoenix/ Strokes comparisons destined to be featured in every blog post centered around them, as hinted on their months-old (and now “official video”-accompanied) winner “Gimme Twice” and pleasantly solidified on their new self-titled EP (stream-able in its entirety here), the “this sounds […]

Juicy J featuring Lil’ Wayne & 2 Chainz “Bands A Make Her Dance (Remix)”

By this point, we’re pretty used to “make it rain” bangers riding beats that feel like suspended-in-air dirges–all the better when imagining them being accompanied by “performers” popping their best “p”-meat in lip-lick-inspiring slow-motion as bills rain around them–but what producer Mike Will crafts on Juicy J‘s latest solo cut “Bands A Make Her Dance” […]

Yeasayer “Henrietta”

A good two years after lighting up much of the crit world with Odd Blood, Brooklyn indie Yeasayer have returned, teasing third full-length Fragrant World and with that, a new era of exciting, anything-goes psych-rock experimentalism, via new single “Henrietta”. And from the gate, “Henrietta”, a tune inspired by medicine legend Henrietta Lacks, sets its […]

Van She “Jamaica”

If they wanted to, Sydney four-piece Van She could have easily spent another three months coasting off the charm of single “Idea of Happiness”, a squiggly synth-rock breezer that paid as much homage to the slick earworm-y craftsmanship of 80’s heroes Hall & Oates’ as it did to acts like Phoenix, The Klaxons and Chromeo […]