M.I.A. featuring Missy Elliott & Rye Rye “Bad Girls (Switch Remix)”

With posse cut-styled remixes of seemingly every rap cut around dropping by the second, it’s a shame that it’s been more than a minute since a high-profile hook-up between the Ladies of Hip Hop has popped up. Might a change be sparked by the fresh arrival of this remix to M.I.A. single “Bad Girls”, featuring Missy Elliott and Rye Rye and produced by Switch?

Whether or not the song’s existence brings about a much-needed renaissance of more woman rap collaborations (and we have our fingers and toes crossed that it does), it could probably go without being said that “Bad Girls” v2.0 is just as sick-hot as its credit listing suggests.

Backed by Switch’s excellent transformation of the world-pop-informed soundclash of the bangeriffic (and curiously not as huge as it should have been) original into a needle-y racket of whistle noises, claps and masterful drum machine trickery, the three divas aim and succeed in gifting the summer with heat, led off by Missy, still being cruelly selfish in bringing forth that long-delayed new material, lighting up the senses with a verse bursting at the seams with wit and hunger (“They call me Missy Miss/ Bad bitch/ Nope I’m not like the average/ Don’t you ever try to come for Miss/ You get smashed just like ham sandwiches”) and Rye Rye engaging in a manic game of hop scotch with the raucous beat clatter, dodging out of the way of Switch’s merry assault of tappity-taps with some stuttery, rapid-fire bitch-smacking.

There’s not enough exclamation points in the world to express how YAS! this feels right about now.

Stream the track below; a Bad Girls: The Remixes mini-set, including a revamp featuring the one and only Azealia Banks, drops in July (Pre-order the set in USB necklace format (!?!) here).

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