The Melker Project “High On This x Pop Bottles (Ellie Goulding vs. Birdman & Lil’ Wayne)

Whether he’s thugging out a Carly Rae Jespen guilty pleasure with some Jigga swag, teaching Al Green how to dougie, giving a Beatles classic some modern-day oomph, cooking up steppers’ bliss out of a TLC/ Marvin Gaye blend, or simply re-reminding us of the pop magnetism of Ace of Base, Scott Melker, the DJ/ remixing force behind The Melker Project, has more than proven himself to have the Midas Touch when it comes to tweaking the familiar in fantastic new ways.

His latest cooler-than-cool re-construction? This killer blend of Ellie Goulding’s newly birthed Weeknd cover “High For This” and Birdman’s Weezy-laced ’07 single “Pop Bottles”, which builds a cut-and-paste narrative that, in moments like having Goulding’s seductive offering of a drink be followed by Weezy piping in “Shut up bitch swallow” is as clever as it is uncomfortable, and rocks a hip-pop fusion that, in even pasted-together form, manages to be miles more rich and interesting than damn near all of Flo Rida’s mainstream-baiting, chick-aided singles.