Tweet “Day Dreaming (Aretha Franklin Cover)”

As if it wasn’t already sweet enough to have new music from the long-missed Tweet bubbling forth on the scene, it feels like an extra bonus that her latest cut would be a cover of an R&B classic that we can’t but feel she was born to sing.

As the first entry in her sure-to-be-awesome “#TweetTuesdays” series, the “Oops (Oh My)” Southern Hummingbird with the honey-lush vocal tone has applied those golden pipes to a faithful remake of Aretha Franklin’s 1972 No. 1 “Day Dreaming”, and yes, it’s about as comforting to the eardrums as one might imagine, Tweet giving off all shades of soulful satisfaction as she glides through the song’s familiar “kissed by Cupid” lyric, sounding just as divine as we last remembered, over a sparkling, summer-ready soundbed.

Grown and sexy folks, prepare to lace up your “steppin'” shoes to this one.

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