Hoodie Allen “Hey Now”

You know you’re in a real good creative space when cuts that you left on the editing room floor still sound like A-grade single material. “Hey Now” might not have made it onto Hoodie Allen‘s iTunes chart-topping retail debut All American as initially intended, but the now-freebie release doesn’t at all bear the quality-dipped feel […]

Animal Collective “Today’s Supernatural”

Now that they’ve whetted appetites with the summer double-sided stand alone “Honeycomb”/ “Gotham”, Animal Collective have officially switched focus to their new album Centipede Hz with the freshly dropped lead cut “Today’s Supernatural”, another kaleidoscopic burst of psychedelia WTF to spend days trying to wrap your head around. A druggy, chaotic morsel densely layered with […]

The Killers “Runaways”

The Killers sudden re-emergence on the scene with this preview of September-due fourth effort Battle Born finds the beloved Vegas boys continuing to dabble in what’s become their usual aesthetic: a tour through the arena-ready bombast of Springsteen and U2 that aims for the epic as effortlessly as it hones in on the small details […]

Tame Impala “Elephant”

Now this is how you re-enter the scene. Coolly making their way back into the open arms of the critics and listeners who spent the second half of 2010 endlessly slobbering over the vibrant mind-melting force that was Innerspeaker, Aussie indie three-piece Tame Impala show that they haven’t lost their ability to ear-bud thrill with […]

The xx “Angels”

The xx‘ sophomore adventure Coexist (due September 11th) has been hotly anticipated for so long, if the indie pop sensation had opted to switch gears in some extreme way and preview the album with an out-of-character stab at loud-loud-LOUD dubstep or something, they likely would’ve still ended up at the top of the Hype Machine […]