Hit-Boy featuring Kid Cudi “Old School Caddy”

Not content with simply being the dude that brings the beat heat behind other rappers, Hit-Boy, the man best known for crafting Jay-Z & Kanye’s Watch The Throne monster “Niggas In Paris”, has decided to make that ever-scary producer-to-rapper transition, a move that in the past has produced as many surprising successes as it has embarrassments (with many more lingering in between, managing to have collected hits while leaving fans cringing in their seats with their every elementary flow and weak rhyme).

So where does Hit-Boy happen to fall on the spectrum? As shown on the impressive “Jay-Z Interview” that was unleashed a short while back, dude shows much promise, working a natural, every-man delivery and “on-the-come-up alongside my hip hop heroes” lyrical angle that teases of him possibly being the one to hold down the The College Dropout-era Kanye spot Mr. West has since vacated in his own steady climb up the hip hop superstar ranks.

Follow-up joint “Old School Caddy” strengthens this enticing promise even further. The refreshing warmth of nostalgia brewing from the track’s laidback mid-90’s-reminiscent flavor (think a pre-Stankonia Outkast with a slight Native Tongues vibe) is a key factor to the song’s appeal (not to mention a solid guest turn from a returned-to-rapping Kid Cudi), but Hit-Boy more than proves that he has the goods to be a strong headliner here, perfectly aligning with the backbeat’s ruminative chill with a striking mix of quietly intense battle-rap boasting (“Old ass nigga, step aside for the new surf swag nigga/ My shit iller, matter of fact my shit killer…”) and diary-stripped, “more money, more problems” reflections (“I wish I paid less attention to girls sometimes/ Cause I dunno if she riding for me or the shine…”) that should leave true heads hungry for more.

Hear it below, download it for the unbeatable price of an e-mail address here.

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