Joss Stone “Teardrops (Womack & Womack Cover)”

For a song based around lyrics that feature the protagonist breaking down in a serious case of the weeps when seeing strangers bid eachother adieu or hearing certain cuts of a nightclub DJ’s song collection trigger memories of a former lover, Womack & Womack’s global 1987 R&B smash “Teardrops” would seem to be an odd tune to file in the Picker-Upper Jams folder. Give the cut a spin though, and it’s damn near impossible to have anything close to a negative thought for its four minute running time, the killer combination of its undeniable post-disco groove, Linda Womack’s eased soulful delivery and those background vocal interjections (“Reminds me baby of you”) that basically demand you to sing-along, landing as the perfect insta-cure for the Bad Day Blues.

Such a sublime, comfort food-like sonic recipe has made “Teardrops” a huge covers favorite in the decades since, with everyone from a duetting Elton John & k.d. lang and the Sugababes to The xx and numerous YouTube-based unknowns taking a stab at the song.

The latest high-profile “Teardrops” remake comes courtesy of Brit-soul songstress Joss Stone, currently revisiting the album concept that put her on the map many moons ago with an new all-covers release The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2, and it’s, a bit unsurprisingly, as lovely as one would imagine.

Re-dressing the ditty with a live band-backed, summer-concert-in-the-park soul simmer of an arrangement that makes the perfect frame for Stone’s diva warbles, the cover slinks, seduces and sizzles in all the right ways, culminating in a final minute of spirit-satisfying singer/ band interplay that makes a strong bid at making cruising the Web in search of tickets for the next Joss Stone concert nearest you a top life priority.

Look for The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2 to drop in the States on July 31st.

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