Nas featuring Large Professor “Loco-Motive”

“Loco-Motive” may be something like the hundredth leak that’s dropped in advance of Nas‘ newest effort Life Is Good (due July 17th), but, like everything that has been previewed from the set so far, the record continues to find the rapper sounding like he’s on the verge of dropping a “five mic” killer.

Boasting credits that include No I.D. on production and Large Professor as hook hype-man, and finding Nasir effortlessly slinging evocative lyrical illustrations of his hard knock New York come-up that make descriptions of chowing down steaming hot pizza pie (“Use my tongue to tear the skin hangin’ from the roof of my mouth”), chillaxing in the ride to the sounds of Slick Rick (“Buggin’ on how his imagination was so sick”) and robbing train riders at gunpoint explode in the mind with an HD-like cinematic vividness, the frills-free “Loco-Motive” churns along as if the past seventeen years in hip hop never happened, probably the greatest gift to all those fans who remain “trapped in the 90’s”, rigidly locked in an era when Nas reigned as his most promising and “Nasty-est”.

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