Hoodie Allen “Feel The Love”

Now that it has been proven that online hip-pop phenom Hoodie Allen needn’t have to flip a Hype Machine-smash indie sample to get folks to part with their dollars (his samples-free “official debut” EP All-American ended up garnering Top 10 entry placement on the big Billboard album chart), it comes as a little bit of […]

Jessie Ware “Sweet Talk”

As hinted by the amazing singles (and non-attached freebies) that preceded it, buzzed-about Brit-soul newcomer Jessie Ware has pulled off one of the year’s strongest R&B collections with her freshly released debut Devotion, a masterwork of calm, cool and collected soul-pop heavily influenced by the sumptuously understated grooves and heavy emotional ache of the 80’s […]

Y.N.RichKids “Hot Cheetos & Takis”

Every few years, a schoolyard hip-pop novelty arises that’s so ear-wormingly infectious, it has adults well past high school graduation age memorizing lyrics and choreography and moved to go stupid on a crowded dance floor when a DJ gives it a spin. In the past this specific brand of guilty pleasure has included everything from […]

El Perro Del Mar “Walk On By”

Swedish one-(wo)man-band El Perro Del Mar (aka Sarah Assbring) makes a brow-raising return to the music scene with this, the first official single from the act’s forthcoming Pale Fire. Following in the huge style shifting lines of preceding effort Love Is Not Pop, the amazing 2009 set that had El Perro ditching the quaint, ’60’s-pop-influenced […]

Tyga “Wish”

While it’s understandable why most rappers would kill to be a part of a high-profile hip hop crew and all the hip hop blog ubiquity such connections bring, for Tyga, his affiliation with Young Money comes with some drawbacks, mainly that he can come across a bit middle-tier and faceless being surrounded (or hell, overshadowed) […]

Jonathan Lee featuring SoShy “Irene”

A few months after scoring some major blog attention with the Bruce Springsteen-“meets”-Rick Ross-themed mash-up project Boss vs Boss, Canadian-based artist/ producer Jonathan Lee looks to add to his on-line buzz with new release Yellow Brick Road, an EP bringing together the worlds of rap, pop, R&B and rock under an intriguing electro-hip hop stylistic […]

The Reflections “Summer Days”

With the end of summer days upon us, for most souls, preparation for autumn’s return is usually offset with reflection on all the fun, and sometimes misery, the hottest time of the year has brought forth. For Cali-based indie pop trio The Reflections‘ new single “Summer Days”, misery seems to be the key theme, as […]

Wale featuring Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Rockie Fresh, Trina, Lil’ Wayne, Tyga, French Montana & Black Cobain “Bag of Money (Remix)”

The “Bag of Money” that ended up being released as an official single already felt crowded enough, especially with the R&B addition of T-Pain making resistance to not having this thing glued in the brain for hours on end futile with his “she bad, bad, bad”-ing all over everything, but, apparently, that wasn’t reason enough […]