How To Dress Well “Again (Janet Jackson Cover)”

Though it’s often overlooked in a crowded, gold-and-platinum-plated catalog stacked with upbeat forever-jams, Janet Jackson pulled off one of her finest pure ballads with 1993’s “Again”, an Academy Award-nominated number (from her Tupac Shakur co-led big screen turn Poetic Justice) that highlighted the fragile vulnerability of Janet’s thinnish pipes to great effect as she related hesitant fears of reconciling with a former lover recently back in town.

On this gorgeous cover of the tune, one-man band/ master of R&B deconstruction How To Dress Well taps into the original’s tender emotional honesty, and, filtering it’s piano-led melancholy through his signature lo-fi ghostliness, manages to make the lyrics read even more naked and delicate. Tearjerkingly sublime.

Total Loss, the follow-up to How To Dress Well’s critically acclaimed 2010 debut Love Remains, drops September 18th (Pre-order it here); then head here to check out the act’s Fall 2012 tour dates.

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