Telephoned “One Thing (Amerie Cover)”

Though many tried, and some came very close (we’re looking at you Beyonce and succeeding Amerie singles), few songs in the post-millennium truly managed to equal the fizzy rush of Amerie‘s 2005 chart-topper “One Thing”, her and producer Rich Harrison’s fantastically frantic mix of sirenic chirps, tumbling drums and clipped, breakbeat funk deliriously depicting one girl’s head-over-heels obsession with a male lover’s never-quite-clarified…well, “thing”.

Seven years later, the song has been sent in a killer new direction via another potent artist/ producer combo: NY-based “cover-up” wizards Telephoned and lo-fi hip hop mastermind Clams Casino.

A highlight from the former’s excellent new freEP U Don’t Have To Call, in which the duo merge remakes of some of their early ’00’s R&B favorite with Casino instrumentals, this “One Thing” forgoes the original’s feverish energy for a woozier, lethargic atmosphere but the ending results are just as sublime: vocalist Maggie Horn sounding overcome with euphoria as she drowsily fantasizes over her beloved, not so much clicking towards his door in the late night as she seems to be floating to the same destination through some twisted psychedelic daydream.

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