Wale featuring Rick Ross, T-Pain, Omarion, Yo Gotti, Rockie Fresh, Trina, Lil’ Wayne, Tyga, French Montana & Black Cobain “Bag of Money (Remix)”

The “Bag of Money” that ended up being released as an official single already felt crowded enough, especially with the R&B addition of T-Pain making resistance to not having this thing glued in the brain for hours on end futile with his “she bad, bad, bad”-ing all over everything, but, apparently, that wasn’t reason enough to stop MMG from issuing out this (over-)posse cut-styled remix.

So, sounding as if the crew decided that instead of having multiple “freestyle”‘s floating around they would just put out one huge mega-mix, and landing as catnip for those strippers aiming for an extended “rain-making” session on center stage, this arises, rounding up everybody and your mama, the mail-man and Maybach O blessing us with his best “Drake-as-singer” voice to put their nastiest two cents to the mic over Beat Billionaire’s seductively serpentine bass grind.