Fibes, Oh Fibes! “Cerahtonia”

Further strenghtening the popular consensus of Swedish pop being “>>>>” than your corner of the globe’s, Gothenburg act Fibes, Oh Fibes! pull off a ditty that’s bound to become many a person’s new “pre-work, A.M. picker-uppper” go-to in new single “Cerahtonia”. The first single from the band’s fourth full-length, the straight-to-the-point-titled Album, “Cerahtonia” hits the […]

Rihanna “Diamonds”

Apparently, Rihanna as no interest in allowing her stunningly lengthy platinum-plated singles run reach an end anytime soon, pummeling on with the brand new album era when the previous one’s stranglehold over Top 40 as yet to loosen. The newly leashed “Diamonds” is the first taste of the new project, and it’s a typically A-list […]

Frank Ocean “Blue Whale”

Frank Ocean may be right in the middle of crossing off some major bullet points in promoting Channel Orange (finally releasing the critically acclaimed album’s first official video with the recent “Pyramids” premiere, and invading the television-watching masses with high-profile performance slots at the MTV Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live), but he has […]

Alus “Stilettos”

There’s plenty of familiarity hiding within the make-up of New Jersey-born, 18-year-old newcomer Alus new single “Stilletos”. The Motown piano-pop stomp that provides the song’s main musical hook owes as much to Solange’s similar, Supremes-gone-modern construction “I Decided” as it does the backward-gazing, “vintage pop” aesthetic of Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” and whole chunks of Lily […]