Brandy featuring 2 Chainz & Tyga “Put It Down (Remix)”

While the lukewarm response to Brandy‘s reunion with Monica on “It All Belongs To Me” was a bit understandable (The silly-on-arrival “Log off your Facebook” does not a great hook make), it’s a bit perplexing that the singer’s follow-up single “Put It Down” never managed to make more of an impact on airwaves over the summer.

Thanks to Bangladesh and Sean Garrett on production duties and a cameo from Chris Brown, on his 15,654th guest appearance of the year, the track is arguably Brandy’s strongest pure urban move in a minute, boasting an addictive modern jeep jam groove spiked with boulder-sized synth drops and squiggly screwed vocal snippets and highlighted by Brandy’s underrated talent for vocal arranging (the girl is truly due for critical kudos for the compellingly complex ways she stacks her own smoky-hued harmonies) to sell a youthful, flirtatious lyric.

To our ears, “Down” had potential to be the R&B Summer Jam to beat, and while that didn’t come to pass, the track may get a major post-heatwave bump as this newly unleashed remix gains traction. Featuring appearances from a “Moesha”-shouting-out 2 Chainz and Tyga, the re-visit definitely makes a swerve for the ratchet, but hey, whatever gets this under-appreciated joint some more love.

Brandy’s next album Two Eleven drops October 16th.

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