Conner Youngblood “I Gotta Feeling” (Black Eyed Peas Cover)

We hate to look like that blog who gets way too hella geeked off of nearly every pop-gone-indie cover song they come across, nor do we want to seem like we’re saying that the original material of twenty-something Yale student Conner Youngblood is not shout-out-worthy (quite the contrary, the singer-songwriter’s unique, and consistently pleasant, brand of sleepy, bedroom folk-pop with the occasional experimental-electro twist is what lazy Sunday afternoons were made for), but mega-props are definitely deserved for what this guy does to one of post-millennial pop’s most annoying creations.

“I Gotta Feeling” is best known for being Black Eyed Peas’ at-one-point inescapable slab of unapologetically cheesy, maximalist pop that seemingly all corners of the universe couldn’t get enough; in the navel-gaving hands of Youngblood though, the song is reduced to this intimate, banjo-tickled slow burner, tracing a lone ruminative moment that slows the clock down to a stand-still in order to fully absorb the good times at hand and to come.

Lacking the “ironic” smirk these types of covers usually bleed and grasping a melancholy melodicism so sweet to the eardrums it would have easily registered as a special tune without any awareness of the BEP original, Youngblood’s “Feeling” emerges as a definite winner and good entry point for anyone who has yet to become acquainted with the buzzy newcomer.

From Conner’s latest release Sketches, Pt. 2, available for free here or, if you have a couple dollars to spare, on iTunes.

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