Daley featuring Jessie J “Remember Me”

With an attention-grabbing appearance on Gorillaz’ “Doncamatic” and the fantastic Those Who Wait mixtape now behind him, Daley, the buzzy twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter behind one of Brit-soul’s finest new male voices, is finally moving on to the official leg of his career with debut single “Remember Me”, an excellent dose of cut-down aimed at a suddenly apologetic crappy lover.

Aided by producers The White N3rd and Balistiq smoothing out Blue Boy’s Marlena Shaw-sampling ’97 club-floor monster “Remember Me” into a funky urban-pop groove and UK pop star Jessie J offering a scatty vocal assist, Daley takes giddy relish in giving his old partner a taste of her own heart-breaking poison, filing his young George Michael-reminiscent chops to a dagger-sharp edge to coolly dismiss her belated regrets and teary-eyed pleas for forgiveness (“That don’t mean shit to me/…It’s a little too late to make it up to me”) as he takes comfort in knowing that every time “another makes (her) cry” down the line, she’ll re-realize the good thing she missed out on.

Oh Mr. Daley, you a cold, cold man…and with a potential break-out jam like this as your debut album jump-off, a man who’s also looking to have a pretty major 2013.

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