Fat Joe featuring Trey Songz, Pusha T, Miguel & Ashanti “Pride N Joy”

For all those still left scratching their head over why there were so many people credited on the Fat Joe summer jam “Pride N Joy” yet only a few were really given spotlight roles, the rapper comes a bit more correct on the cut’s equally star-studded remix.

New verses arise from Fat Joe and Pusha T, here alerting of his international mack game (“You see love is like a crash course/ And I hate to be a bad sport/ But there’s one for every stamp in my passport”), but it’s the featured R&B trio of Trey Songz, Miguel and Joe’s “What’s Luv?” trackmate Ashanti who own this, their respective array of trills and ad-libs nicely coating producer Bink!‘s smooth, piano-plinky bedroom groove.

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