Mary J Blige featuring Jermaine Dupri “Everyday People 2012”

While Mary J Blige can never be accused of not injecting all of her soul-drenched all into her each and every recording, the diva has felt a bit on “cruise control” mode in her most recent albums, efficiently checking all the necessary Queen of Hip-Hop-Soul boxes but coming up a bit weak in dropping anything extremely note-worthy.

That said, her latest release, an updating of Arrested Development’s classic semi-cover of Sly & The Family Stone’s classic original “Everyday People” registers as just the kind of career-rejuvenating jolt she needs.

A throwback to Blige’s last unmistakable summer BBQ-friendly banger “Family Affair”, and blessed with a pleasant amount of nostalgic aid from the very familiar sample sources, the feel-good jam makes for the perfect frame for Mary’s post-millennial love for the drama-free Oprah-ism positivity (“YOLO&B”?), inspiring others to live their best life by putting their hands in the air and dismissing those ever-present haters (“People change like the weatherman/ Put your trust only in you baby”) while all the while serving a head-nodder of a groove to light up the house-party dancery to.

Lovin’ this.

One thought on “Mary J Blige featuring Jermaine Dupri “Everyday People 2012”

  1. David Allun Jones .. Mary J NEVER been on cruise control with her career or music ! There is a few in 2012 that reached platinum this year in Urban music.. But the near 700,000 copies Mary sold on her last album is damn good in this music climate!

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