Simeon Viltz & Mulatto Patriot “Hot Day”

We gotta be honest, when it comes to seeking out some modern-day hip hip to help bring about and sustain a Friday-night-and-beyond feel-good high, it’s the Now! That’s What I Call Ratchet playlist we usually turn to, because even if we aren’t really BOUT DAT LIFE, sometimes chiming along to ig’nant hooks about riding around with Nina’s and Keisha’s and a long list of things we don’t like from rap names we’ll probably forget all about in two seasons time is just what the soul craves. A sad truth, yes, but didn’t we say we were being honest?

For those who somehow have the power to resist The Ratchet’s slyly contagious ways, or simply long for something more feel-good and positive-minded to bring some balance to all that trap banger intake, this heat-rock head-nodder from Chicago duo (rapper) Simeon Viltz and (producer) Mulatto Patriot will more-than-satisfy in the mood-raising department.

Somewhat reminiscent of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s timeless “Summertime” with the way it so neatly balances chill-toned Safe-For-Work lyricism with a backing groove that for three minutes nearly convinces you that time has somehow rewound and you’re smack-dab in the middle of a mid-July heatwave again, the summer BBQ-friendly “Hot Day” (from Viltz and Patriot’s upcoming collaborative project Ray Elementary) spends its length paying tribute to life’s simplest pleasures with a Chi-repping bent, all as a live instrument lush bed of funky bass, twinkling piano and horns paint a beauteous perfect-day vibe.

Definitely refreshing, not only because it provides an appreciative (temporary) distraction away from another summer season coming to a close, but for serving as a reminder that slices of hip hop exist that different generations can appreciate together with nary a wink of embarrassment needing to be felt.

Ray Elementary is set for an October 5th release.

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