Teresajenee “Romeo + Juliet”

Teresajenee is a name that has somehow escaped our radar but thanks to one of those occasionally successful “If you like that, you should like this” recommendations from a relative, we have come to be a Johnny-Come-Lately admirer of the St. Louis-born talent and her forward-thinking R&B style, a dope fusion of jazz, vintage soul […]

Wanderhouse “Lights (Ellie Goulding Cover)”

A few months after scoring up some major blog ink over their beautifully goth-hued debut entry “Use Me Up”, indie duo Wanderhouse (the side project of singer-songwriter Marie Moreshead and ever-busy producer Doctor Rosen Rosen) have returned, this time planting their moody alt-pop fangs in something familiar. Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” may be two years old, […]

The Weeknd “Enemy”

You know you’re the it-shay when the fan-dom over your art is so strong, that the release of a major label debut largely consisting of year-old songs the masses have already gobbled up and endlessly gushed over is just as heavily anticipated as a completely new set. Yeah, the previously heard songs compiled on The […]

Big Sean “Guap”

Coming off a summer that saw him dominating airwaves and street corners alike with two smash G.O.O.D. Music posse cuts, a respectable hook-up with Justin Bieber and a solidly put-together mixtape (Detroit) that no doubt snatched up a couple extra points of love for being the next high-profile rap tape to drop on the heels […]