Game featuring Bone Thugs N Harmony “Celebration (Remix)”

Can all the awards of the season just be given out to whoever had the bright idea to recast the Chapter 8/ Anita Baker-sampling G-funk whine of Bone Thugs N Harmony’s (*whispers* welfare anthem) “1st of Da Month” as the foundation for a laid back-in-the-drop-top West Coast summer jam anthem?

Game‘s “Celebration” may have had an all-star roster of featured guests, but it was the Bone interpolation (and Tyga’s infectious nod to the Cleveland rap group’s flawless harmonies) that really made the cut soar, so much so in fact that a remix rounding up whatever members of the Thugs were available felt like an inevitable move.

That all the members of Bone end up being featured on “Celebration 2.0” feels like an extra bonus, their familiar, and much missed, sing-song cadences offering a pleasant enough trip through Nostalgia Valley to get us more than a lotta bit pumped (read: lighting up some things in anticipation) for some brand new BTNH jams.

Game’s fifth studio effort, erm…Jesus Piece drops December 11th.

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