Lloyd “Sexcapade” featuring Roscoe Dash/ “Swimming Pools (Remix)” featuring August Alsina

After hearing the cool R&B spin Lloyd has put on Future’s “Turn On The Lights” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” (heard below) in recent months, if the entirety of the crooner’s forthcoming mixtape The Playboy Diaries involved nothing more than him applying his featherweight tenor and original lyrics onto beats familiar, there would honestly be no complaining from this corner of the Interwebz.

Latest Diaries preview “Sexcapade” puts a pause on the tour through hip hop’s Greatest Recent Hits for a sample swipe from Aaliyah’s One In A Million classic “4 Page Letter”, and while some folks will probably never sit quite well with parts of Baby Girl’s cherished past catalog being re-tooled by other artists, to our ears, Lloyd actually makes great use of the erotic throb Timbaland cooked up on the original beat, the team-up of his panty-peeling mackadelics (“Sit your pretty body down on my couch and let me open it up tonight”) and Roscoe Dash‘s similarly XXX-minded rapid-fire guest rap resulting in a pretty effective updating of the 90’s-era “freak you up” sex jam.

The Playboy Diaries is set to drop October 29th.

Here’s the “Swimming Pools (Remix)” featuring singer August Alsina:

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