Local Natives “Breakers”

Just when it was beginning to look like Local Natives were headed for residence in the box of promising ’00 indie bands that time forgot, the Los Angeles four-piece have returned with a new single, one that in its first minute of snazzy poly-rhythmic dynamics and comforting male harmonies serves as a swift re-reminder to why their 2009 debut Gorilla Manor (home of moving highlights like “Airplanes” and “World News”) was such a widely cherished album.

The first taste of the band’s January 23rd-due sophomore set Hummingbird (co-produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner), “Breakers” ranks as the best kind of “comeback” effort, balancing a sound that picks up right where they left off on the last album with a couple new shades thrown in, and resulting in a song that soars from second one with a seeming purpose of packing as many aural thrills as possible in its four minute frame.

The lows, built on vocalist Kelcey Ayer’s delicate phrasings and a soothing meandering melancholy, are good, but it’s the vibrant, psychedelic-tinged peaks of rousing percussion, ringing guitars and, once again, those gorgeous harmonies on the hook and bridge that will really trigger the re-play desire.

A welcome return from the indie-folk favorites.

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