Sky Ferreira “Ghost”

With Sky Ferreira‘s “Everything Is Embarrassing” single continuing to rake in praise from all corners of the Internet as one of the best tracks of 2012, anticipation is at an all time high for what further excellence could potentially be found on the indie pop singer’s long-awaited full length debut, I’m Not Alright, due sometime later this year.

For those–like us–who can’t wait though, Sky has blessed us in the interim with new EP Ghost, a miniature set that was given a early premiere in continuous streaming form over the weekend, and, in its five wildly diverse featured cuts boasting behind-the-scenes assists from the currently hot multi-talent Dev Hynes, ’90’s alternative goddess Shirley Manson, revered mega-producer Jon Brion, indie-world hero/ singer-songwriter Cass McCombs and Grammy Award-winning hitmakers Bloodshy & Avant and Greg Kurstin, seems to lay down the promise of Alright being an intriguing genre-hopping affair.

Of the tracks included not counting “Everything”, it’s the title offering that stands out as a style we wouldn’t mind hearing Ferreira delve in a bit more in the future.

Further supporting Sky’s worth as one of the better pop chameleons to emerge in recent memory, this Brion-produced dollop of gorgeous alt-country heartache bares little stylistic connection to the 80’s R&B new wave of “Everything”, but damn if Ferriera doesn’t fit inside of its frame just as comfortably, her vocal performance adding just the right notes of woe to the rustic melancholy of the track’s guitar-slathered slow churn and lyrical tale of a deteriorated romance that’s left her wondering where it all went wrong (“What did I do/ To make you so cruel?/…What should I do now that I know that we’re doomed?”).

Hear the track below, or simply stream it along with the rest of Ghost via Sky’s SoundCloud.

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