The Melker Project Remix Round-Up

The Melker Project has been on a serious mash-up spree in the past couple weeks, and with his most recent handful of output, has basically made himself comfortable owning the throne as king of song-tweakers with the curious yearn to want to marry the pop with the hood.

Taylor Swift vs. B.I.G. and Ellie Goulding vs. Juicy J truly have no business being actual things, let alone–especially in the former’s case–being anything close to being good, yet, as has typically been the case, a little peppering of Melker magic defies all logic in not only making both mashes strangely work, but be deserving of more than a few re-spins, if only to completely absorb the strangely addicting mind-effery at hand (In the case of the “Anything Could Happen”-meets-“Twerk That” spectacle, we’re even introduced to the odd desire of a Ellie/ Juicy original being a thing that actually needs to happen).

More noteworthy though is when TMP decides to get his trap on, whether it’s deconstructing the worldwide phenomenon known as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” into a 2 Chainz-friendly thump of manic vocal snippets and bass, flipping Icona Pop’s irresistibly bratty Bananarama-meets-riot grrrl anthem “I Love It” into a street-tough blast of stuttery, a-pop-calyptic massiveness, or teaming up with DJ Ayres to make Yuna’s breezy “Live Your Life” over into a Timbaland-esque electro-hop daydream.

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