Aaliyah “Rock The Boat (Kensaye Remix)” featuring Ryan Ansah

It’s no argument how much Aaliyah’s 2001 single “Rock The Boat” ranks as sensual R&B perfection. One of the maturest offerings from the late great Baby Girl’s relatively small, yet very iconic catalog, the track seeped late-night pleasure from its every crevice, coming inches close, if not directly matching, Marvin Gaye’s sexiest soul titillations not only from the silken, serpentine way Aaliyah detailed her romantic devotion to a lover while directing his every move between the sheets but also via the summer-splashed production, a throwback to 80’s grooves that ebbed and flowed with such eased, liquid-like seduction, it felt like the musical equivalent of two bodies coming together to do the “baby-making thing” underwater.

As great as the original is though, Haitian-French producer/ rapper Kensaye does an incredible job updating the jam for the now with this remix.

Re-framing Aaliyah’s creamy vocals with atmospheric keyboard washes, an island-flavored drum knock and mesmerizing guitar work from Ryan Ansah, the sexy Kensaye makeover slots “Boat” in seamless conjunction with the dark n sultry R&B sounds that acts like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Miguel are currently earning praise with from all corners of the Web, guaranteeing at least few more added conceived chillun to the many the original has already “helped” bring into the world.

Check the song out below, as well as another highlight from Kensaye’s remix discography, his gorgeous, “soulfully weirdness” swipe at Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” (downloadable here).

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