B.o.B featuring Iggy Azalea & Mac Miller “Best Friend”

Of all the tracks found on B.o.B‘s fairly solid new mixtape Fuck Em We Ball, the fact that the one we’ve given the most re-spins to is also the project’s most ratchet-friendly probably means that a life re-evaluating session on somebody’s couch is due sometime soon.

But whatever, “Best Friend” goes, with Bob and co-producer Jamieson providing potent, claps n’ bass-heavy aural inspiration for the baddest entertainers of the pole-clutching world, while he, Iggy Azalea and Mac Miller spend bars scripting the lives of groupie freaks who specialize in “tossing that box like shipping and handling” and make sure they hit every hot hip hop show entering their local region armed with an “overnight bag”.

Hear the song below; pick up Fuck Em We Ball in its entirety over at datPiff.

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