Juicy J featuring French Montana, Lola Monroe, Wiz Khalifa & B.o.B “Bandz A Make Her Dance (Remix)”

Apparently Three 6 Mafia co-founder and, let’s never forget, Academy Award winner Juicy J is so geeked about “Bandz A Make Her Dance”–a cut running neck-and-neck with French Montana’s Uncle Luke-sample-blessed “Pop That” as this year’s most beloved ratchet/ strip club banger guilty pleasure–making the transition to becoming his first true over-ground solo hit, that he’s made it his mission to continually drop new remixes of the song forever and ever, a move that somehow manages to be as sad as it is hilarious as it is awesome.

For this latest version (somewhere around the fifty-leventh take), Mike Will’s booming haunted house crunk now comes padded with new verses from Lola Monroe, Wiz Khalifa and Montana himself all joining in on the fun(?) of waxing poetic about booty cheek thirst for hard-earned dollar bills.

Mike’s beat remains the reigning MVP of “Bandz” past, present and future, but as features go, the uzi fire flow (and, okay, the “booty going dumb like Alzheimer’s” line) from fourth-in-line guest B.o.B makes this worth at least a couple repeat listens.

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